Trees Are Growing

We would like to say thanks to Vicki Layton for her donation to the earth. She contacted our company with her dilemma. She had over 50 acres of land. She lived on an old cattle farm. She no longer tended to cattle so she had this huge empty field with just grass. She really loved the look of the farm setting. However, something was eating away at her. On her 50 acres, she probably had 2 acres that had trees on it. She had always been aware of her desire to give back to mother earth by planting trees, but she wasn’t sure what her role was in this venture.

One day, she called a tree company to come to her property. She loved their work and wanting to draw attention to them. Their website can be found here-

After cutting down several trees that had fallen down due to a recent storm, the tree service man got to talking with her. She brought up her desire to be more involved with helping with trees. He gave her two options: either you can be a part of cutting down trees or you can be a part of planting trees. Why don’t you use your property as a tree farm. You have over 50 acres here where you could have a huge tree farm.

At first, the idea sounded crazy. Get rid of all of this beautiful land by adding trees. She went to bed and she spent the next few weeks thinking through what she should do. Then, one day, we got a call from her. She said she wanted to be a part of our tree movement. She recognized that our goal of 1 person across the United States planting a tree probably wouldn’t happen. She felt like she could pull up the slack for those who do not get involved. She told us that our property was free for us to do with it as we like to plant trees. She was in hook line and sinker. She knew that this was her calling and that she was proud to be a part of the JIFFD Tree Movement. She now helps our organization as we ask her to travel around speaking to different people about her passion and her dream. She is trying to find more like minded people who would be willing to use their property to become a tree farm. We will keep you up to date with her story as she continue to press forward to save mother earth.

Have You Ever Planted a Tree?

Our challenge is for you to plant 1 tree in your lifetime. We find that most people never plant a tree. However, if we could commit people to getting everyone to plant 1 tree per person in your family, then we will achieve our goal. A part of what we do is to help people see why we should plant trees, however, we are starting to move towards calling people to action. We need more people to take action so that we could be a part of saving the world. Have you ever planted a tree? Why not? Do you see the value of why you should? Contact us and let us know if you have.